Website Pricing

You may be wanting to compare different website packages from other web design firms in the local area but that is why we are different.


Package websites normally include dictated layout and the most you get to decide is the colour of text and background which is why we aren’t too keen on them. Normally they are sold for small amounts but they quickly turn expensive when you add everything in like domain names, hosting, contact form and also updates are normally charged at ridiculous prices!


We offer regular updates and site maintenance at a reduced price unlike some who charge pennies for a site to begin with but then charge crazy prices for those changes you need making every few months!


The other approach to web design is offering custom quotes for every job and offer that personal and professional service that clients expect in a web designer. Pound signs flashing in the back of your head? Well we understand why. Some agencies take that approach but your quote can quickly be inflated.




The third and final approach to web design and pricing is the Frodsham Web approach!


All our quotes are custom for each job but we offer the same affordability that you receive on package websites, the only difference is that our service is personal and friendly and whatever requirements need fulfilling, we are happy to help.


We can also offer our website design services on a ‘pay monthly’ basis which is often helpful for start-up businesses without the finance to pay upfront.


As a rough guide of our website design prices, please see the guidelines below…


£0-100  = Updates to existing website


£100-250 = Updates, Basic single page website, Website using a template


£250-450 = Static website 


£450-650 = CMS (Content Management System) Website using WordPress


£650+ = Website with advanced features


* Please note that these price guidelines are only to give an idea of cost of website design and our quotes may differ from these guidelines dependent on your requirements 





For an accurate cost estimate of a website design project, please complete our website design quote form