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A Content Management System (CMS) is often talked about because a lot of websites now use one. You’ve probably heard about ‘WordPress’ which is a very popular CMS and what we use at Frodsham Web.


 A CMS is basically software that allows you to upload and edit website content. It works by Frodsham Web designing page templates for you then when you upload content to the website, you select which page template will be used and the CMS will present your content as a web page using the template structure that we have designed. All page templates will be bespoke so to the website visitors, they won’t even be aware you are using a CMS and the website will just look normal to them.


Another benefit of using a CMS is the wide range of ‘plugins’ available which means your website can become more functional. Calendars, Image Sliders and Social Media Sharing Buttons are just a few examples of plugins available.


While there is added cost for a CMS website because of the extra time involved in the development stage, they are ideal for those businesses who want to constantly add new content to their website. If you only want to update content on occasion then a more suited solution would be having a static website then have us complete updates for you.


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