Website Updates

The key to a good website is keeping it current! What is the use in an out-of-date website?!


Here at Frodsham Web we offer affordable website update services, not only for clients who have had their website built with us but also for clients who want to jump ship (lifejackets provided) from their previous designer and come aboard with us!


Please note that some ‘immigration checks’ have to be completed first (we have to check you have the correct details for us to be able to update your site)!




Updates are normally charged at an hourly rate which is discussed with the client first. We will never send an invoice for time that we haven’t agreed with you in advance.


The other way we work is to agree a set figure to accommodate your update needs. Perhaps you want photo’s adding every month? If you do have regular updates then we can agree on a reduced cost to show our appreciation for your client loyalty.