Business Card Design and Print

An essential tool for most employees, business owners or salespeople are business cards. Small rectangular pieces of card they may be however they say everything about you!


In a few words, a little bit of colour and a logo, your brand becomes labelled by those receiving the card. It is your tool to give the right image to potential and current clients while providing essential contact details.



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Business cards generally are quite similar in design style; simple, clean and professional but it doesn’t mean you have to come across as a stern talking corporate bank manager every time you hand out a card! Through use of colour (never too much though), spacing and font choice your card can suit your business just as you require.


Michell Associates Business Cards - Frodsham Web


All entrepreneurs and business owners require business cards in some way, shape or form even if it is more of a personal networking card; they all do the same job of increasing leads and sales.


Let us at Frodsham Web design you a bespoke business card as well as printing them on the best paper weight choice.


We will guarantee you can get your message across correctly and without folded edges and bent cards or poor colour quality.



‘I was looking for someone to design a business card for me. I required something with more detail than the average business card.


I looked on the internet and found Jack Watson at Frodsham Web. I explained my requirements and Jack translated them to produce the finished card. It was quite complicated but he was patient and persevered until we had the finished article.


Unfortunately there were a couple of problems caused by external circumstances. Not the fault of Frodsham Web. Jack dealt with these to my complete satisfaction. I was very pleased with the way my business with Frodsham Web was conducted and would not hesitate to use them again.’



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